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    Pamper Your Parrot at Kiko's Parrots

    Essential Grooming Services

    At Kiko’s Parrots, we understand the importance of keeping your feathered friend happy and healthy. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of professional parrot grooming services designed to promote well-being and create a positive bonding experience.

    Improved hygiene

    Groom nails, beak, and feathers minimize the risk of infections and promote healthy preening.

    Spa Day

    We provide Spa Day experiences to build trust and strengthen your bond with your parrot.

    Enhanced comfort

    Groomed wings and smoothed beaks prevent discomfort and potential injuries.

    Health concerns

    We can identify potential health issues over grown nails, feather conditions
    A Simple and Convenient Process for Your Parrot's Grooming

    How it Works


    Schedule Your Appointment

    Book a convenient grooming appointment for your parrot by calling us.


    Relax and Let Us Take Care of the Rest

    Our experienced groomers handle your parrot with care.


    Pick Up Your Happy and Healthy Parrot

    Enjoy the renewed confidence and well-being of your bird.

    Register & Stay informed about our upcoming birds.

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