Rainforest Mist Bath

Bring the rainforest right into your home with KC Rainforest Mist Bath Spray for Cockatoos & Macaws (17oz)! This specially formulated spray goes beyond a bath; it’s a spa experience designed to promote healthy feathers, reduce stress, and keep your large parrot feeling refreshed and pampered.

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A Gentle Cleanse for Soft, Manageable Feathers

Rainforest Mist Bath Mist gently removes dirt, dust, and dander from your parrot’s feathers without stripping away their natural oils. This leaves their plumage clean, soft, and manageable, reducing the urge to preen excessively. The lightweight formula won’t weigh down their feathers, allowing them to spread their wings with confidence.

Stress Relief in a Bottle

The calming scent of the Rainforest Mist can help alleviate stress and anxiety in your feathered friend. This is especially beneficial for parrots who are new to their environment, easily startled, or experience travel anxiety. The spa-like experience can create a sense of relaxation and well-being in your cockatoo or macaw.

Soothing Relief for Dry, Itchy Skin

Does your parrot struggle with dry, itchy skin? KC Rainforest Mist can provide much-needed relief. The gentle formula soothes irritation and helps prevent feather plucking, a common symptom of discomfort. A comfortable and healthy bird is a happy bird!

Safe and Easy to Use

KC Rainforest Mist is made with your parrot’s safety in mind. It contains no alcohol or harsh chemicals that could irritate their skin or respiratory system. The easy-to-use spray bottle allows for a gentle application, ensuring a stress-free spa experience for both you and your feathered companion. Simply shake well, hold the bottle at least a foot away, and mist your parrot evenly, avoiding their face and eyes.

More Than Just a Bath: A Bonding Experience

Using KC Rainforest Mist can become a fun bonding experience for you and your parrot. The gentle misting and preening ritual can strengthen your connection and create a sense of trust and relaxation. Watch your feathered friend preen and fluff their feathers, enjoying the spa-like treatment you’ve provided.

Additional Benefits:

  • Promotes bright, healthy plumage
  • Helps prevent feather plucking
  • May help reduce dander and allergens
  • Fresh, rainforest-inspired scent
  • Large 17oz bottle for long-lasting use

By offering KC Rainforest Mist Bath Spray, you’re giving your beloved cockatoo or macaw more than just a bath; you’re providing them with a spa-like experience that promotes their health, well-being, and strengthens your bond.

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