Polly Pastel Perch XL

Looking for a perch that keeps your extra-large parrot entertained, healthy, and stylish? The Polly Pastel Perch Extra Large (10″) is the answer! This veterinarian-designed perch, available in a variety of playful colors, boasts a 10-inch length, perfect for birds like Macaws, Cockatoos, and large African Greys. It combines nail trimming with a stimulating playground, keeping your feathered friend happy and healthy.

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Effortless Nail Trimming with Every Perch

Say goodbye to stressful nail clipping sessions! The Polly Pastel Perch Extra Large features a unique textured surface specifically designed to trim your parrot’s nails naturally as they perch and play. The gentle filing process keeps your parrot’s nails healthy and eliminates the need for those anxiety-inducing clipping experiences.

A Vibrant Playground for Climbing & Exploration

This perch isn’t just about nail care; it’s a captivating playground for your extra-large parrot. With a 10-inch length, it offers ample space for climbing, exploring, and preening. The variety of playful colors available adds a touch of cheer to their environment and stimulates their natural curiosity. Imagine your feathered friend hopping, climbing, and exploring the different textures, keeping them entertained for hours.

The Perfect Size for Extra-Large Beaks and Feet

The Polly Pastel Perch Extra Large is specifically designed for the foot size and grip strength of extra-large parrots. The 10-inch length allows for comfortable perching and stretching, while the varied textures and diameters encourage different gripping positions. This promotes healthy foot development and exercise, preventing discomfort associated with perches of uniform texture.

Safe, Easy to Clean, and Built to Last

Made from high-quality, bird-safe materials, the Polly Pastel Perch Extra Large is perfect for your parrot to chew and explore. The smooth, non-porous surface makes cleaning a breeze. Simply wipe it down with a disinfectant solution after each use to maintain hygiene and keep the perch looking fresh.

A Must-Have for Your Extra-Large Parrot’s Cage

The Polly Pastel Perch Extra Large is a versatile and enriching addition to any extra-large parrot’s cage. It seamlessly blends essential nail maintenance with a fun and stimulating play experience. Watch your feathered friend enjoy the vibrant colors, unique textures, and comfort of a perch that prioritizes both their well-being and entertainment.

Additional Benefits:

  • Veterinarian designed and recommended
  • Maintains healthy nails naturally
  • Reduces stress associated with nail clipping
  • Encourages natural foraging behaviors
  • Available in a variety of fun colors
  • Perfect size for extra-large parrots

By offering the Polly Pastel Perch Extra Large, you’re providing your beloved parrot with a fun and functional way to keep their nails trim while enriching their environment. It’s the perfect combination of style, comfort, and essential care for your extra-large feathered friend.

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