Perch And Groom

Looking for a way to keep your medium-sized parrot’s nails trim and their environment enriching? Look no further than the Perch & Groom Perch – Medium! This innovative perch combines a comfortable resting spot with a built-in grooming surface, offering a two-in-one solution for happy and healthy feet.

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Effortless Nail Trimming with Every Perch

The Perch & Groom Perch – Medium features a unique textured surface specifically designed to trim your parrot’s nails naturally as they perch and preen. The gentle filing action keeps your feathered friend’s nails healthy and eliminates the need for stressful nail clipping sessions.

More Than Just Nails: A Comfortable Resting Spot

The Perch & Groom Perch – Medium isn’t just about functionality; it’s also a comfortable resting spot for your parrot. The smooth, non-textured section provides them with a familiar and secure place to perch and relax. They can easily switch between grooming and resting throughout the day, keeping their feet healthy and their minds content.

The Perfect Size for Medium Parrots

This perch comes in a medium size, ideal for birds like Conures, Amazons, and Senegals. The diameter is designed to comfortably accommodate their feet, promoting natural perching behavior while encouraging nail filing on the textured surface.

Safe, Easy to Clean, and Built to Last

Made from non-toxic and bird-safe materials, the Perch & Groom Perch – Medium is completely safe for your parrot to chew and explore. The different textures are easy to maintain – simply wipe down the perch with a damp cloth to remove any debris and keep it looking fresh.

A Must-Have for Your Parrot’s Cage

The Perch & Groom Perch – Medium is a versatile and enriching addition to any medium parrot’s cage. It seamlessly blends essential nail maintenance with a comfortable resting spot, promoting healthy feet and overall well-being. Watch your feathered friend enjoy the convenience and comfort of a perch that caters to both their needs.

Additional Benefits:

  • Reduces stress associated with nail clipping
  • Encourages natural preening behaviors
  • Promotes healthy foot circulation
  • Available in a medium size for perfect fit
  • Non-toxic and bird-safe materials

By offering the Perch & Groom Perch – Medium, you’re providing your beloved parrot with a simple yet effective way to keep their nails trim while offering a comfortable and enriching element to their environment.

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