Poop-D-Solver LC 32oz

Tired of messy cages and lingering bird odors? Poop-D-Solver LC (32oz) is your answer! This all-natural, enzymatic bird cage cleaner tackles droppings quickly and effectively, leaving your feathered friend’s home fresh and hygienic.

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Nature’s Power for a Clean Cage

Poop-D-Solver LC utilizes the power of good bacteria! It contains naturally occurring, non-pathogenic enzymes that break down bird waste on contact. This eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, making it safe for both your bird and the environment.

More Than Just Cleaning: Effective Odor Control

The enzymatic action of Poop-D-Solver LC goes beyond simply removing droppings. It neutralizes unpleasant odors associated with bird waste, leaving your cage smelling fresh and clean. This eliminates the need for additional odor-masking sprays, creating a healthier environment for both you and your bird.

Safe for All Surfaces

Poop-D-Solver LC is safe to use on a variety of surfaces commonly found in bird cages. This includes cage bars, floors, trays, plastic toys, and even perches. The gentle formula won’t harm delicate materials, leaving your cage sparkling clean without any residue.

Convenient Spray Bottle for Easy Application

The Poop-D-Solver LC comes in a convenient 32oz spray bottle with a trigger nozzle. This allows for easy application directly onto droppings or problem areas. Simply spray, let the enzymes work their magic, and wipe clean.

A Must-Have for Every Bird Owner

is an essential addition to any bird owner’s cleaning arsenal. It provides a safe, effective, and natural way to keep your bird’s cage clean and odor-free. This translates to less cleaning time for you and a healthier environment for your feathered companion.

Additional Benefits:

  • All-natural and enzyme-based formula
  • Safe for birds and the environment
  • Effective odor control
  • Cleans and deodorizes various cage surfaces
  • Convenient spray bottle for easy application

By using Poop-D-Solver LC, you can create a clean and comfortable environment for your bird while enjoying a fresh-smelling home for yourself. It’s the natural solution for a happy and healthy bird ownership experience!

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